Weak Verbs(弱い動詞)について

Weak Verbs(弱い動詞)に関する記事を見つけました。http://penandthepad.com/precise-language-strong-vs-weak-verbs-writing-1379.html

The verbs "to be" and "to have" are weak verbs because they take no action. When your verb does not do anything, it leaves your readers having to work harder to determine your meaning. Examples of phrases to eliminate from your work include "this has," "there is," "there are" and "it was." One way to eliminate weak verbs from your writing is to reread your work and circle every “to be” verb. With some minor restructuring, you can often improve the quality of your sentence by replacing that verb with a strong verb that describes an action.

An example of a weak sentence is, “The robber’s entry into the house was quiet.” To make this sentence stronger, restructure it to say, “The robber sneaked into the house.”