Communicatable LLC also provides English to Japanese technical translation services especially for semionductor and information technology fields. We offer technical translation expertise, industry experience, and dedication to quality control.
Our coordinator has technical knowledge, technical writing skills, and mastery of translation practices. You can consult with our coordinator about  style and any other points to note in translating your documents. The coordinator manages translators to get the best outcomes. Our translation team consists of native Japanese speakers. All members have technical background and technical writing knowledge. We can provide high quality documents that will support and enhance your business.


Technical Translation

  Datasheets, manuals, application notes, tool and user guides, product brochures, technical articles, contracts, specifications, analysis reports, papers, internal manuals, terms of service, privacy and fair-use statements, and training materials

・Information technology



You can order just proofreading/editing to make sure your documents are as clear and actionable as possible. This service is to proofread and edit your documents. Our native proofreader/editor, who is well versed in technical writing, can solve various issues in your text and deliver clear, effective documents. The proofreader/editor not only corrects spelling and grammatical errors but also rewrites your documents as needed to be more natural. Moreover, the proofreader/editor may point out mistakes and inconsistencies from a technical point of view.

Translators, Proofreaders, and Editor

Andrew Wetmore (Nationality: Canadian)
Proofreading and Editing
Andrew Wetmore has worked as an editor and proofreader for over thirty years.
He specializes in software documentation and marketing collateral.
He is also a successful playwright and screenwriter, and has edited newspapers and for publishing houses.
He lives and works in Canada.


Arlyn N. (Nationality: Philipino)

Japanese-English Translator/Proofreading
Arlyn holds a BS Computer Science degree from the University of the Philippines. Her ten years of IT related experience cover systems analysis, programming, database management and quality assurance. She also worked as an offshore project manager and technical writer for Japanese IT companies. Currently, she lives in Romania and works as a freelance web developer, translator, and creative writer.

Bethany Bernardo (Nationality: American)

Japanese-English Translator/Proofreading

Bethany holds a B.S. in Energy Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University and is a meticulous Japanese-to-English technical translator and English proofreader with a 6-year background in academic research, including semiconductor physics, solar energy (namely photovoltaics), and cellular biology. She has enjoyed the opportunity to use her technical writing skills, love of language, and scholarly knowledge simultaneously as a proofreader since 2006 and as a translator since 2015.

Richard Moe (Nationality: American)
Japanese-to-English translation/Proofreading
Richard is a Professor Emeritus at Komazawa University where he taught for 41 years.
He specializes in the translation and proofreading of technical material.
Richard also invented e-learning software focused on oral communication and obtained patents in Japan and Chine.
He has lived in Tokyo since 1967.

Eddy T. (Nationality: New Zealand)
Japanese-English-Chinese Translator
Holding a Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) degree with an Electrical and Electronic Engineering major and a minor in Japanese from the University of Auckland in New Zealand, Eddy obtained a postgraduate diploma in Teaching from the Faculty of Education at the same university. In his professional career as an embedded system engineer, Eddy engaged in hardware/software design, development and testing. He later worked as a lecturer in C/C++ programming, MATLAB programming and embedded systems at the Auckland University of Technology. With more than 10 years of experience in embedded systems engineering and technology education, Eddy is actively involved in freelance engineering and translation work.


Kazumichi Suzuki (Nationality: Japanese)
English-Japanese Translator
Kazumichi holds a BA in French language from Aichi Prefectural University in Japan; while attending the university, he studied at Université de Lille, in France. After his graduation, he was involved in development of a document management system (SGML), and later became a technical writer. He writes of owner's manuals for multi-functional peripherals, personal computers, and system solutions, and works as mobile programmer (Android/iOS using Java/Objective-C), and server administrator (LAMP environment).

Masayoshi Komiya (Nationality: Japanese)
English-Japanese Translator

Masayoshi worked at the Employment Promotion Corporation and trained company employees to read technical documents in English correctly. He published several technical books such as An Introduction to Computer English (Kyoritsu Publishing Co., 2014), Knowledge of Management Science for Engineers  (Nippon Rikkyo Publishing Co., Ltd., 2003), CASL & COMET, An Introduction to Information Processing Systems - for the 2nd grade information processing engineer examination, and Exercises: Information Processing Systems - for the 2nd grade information processing engineer examination. He is now working as a freelance technical translator.

Akiyo M. (Nationality: Japanese)
English-Japanese Translator
Holding a BA in Economics in Japan and a MA in International Development Studies in Canada, Akiyo has been involoved in humanitarian aid work in countries such as Kosovo, Pakistan,Afganistan, and the Philippines. She has been active as a translator for Japanese-English-French since 2010. She is currently residing in Australia after being based in Thalinad and Malaysia.

Significant Recent Projects

  • Semiconductor process paper: Proofreading
  • Software Defined Storage (SDS) product - White paper: English to Japanese
  • EMC design for vehicles - Presentation - Japanese to English
  • Script for semiconductor conference - Proofreading
  • White paper for Intel reference solution - English to Japanese
  • Power device application note - Japanese to English
  • Image processing specification for semiconductor inspection equipment: Japanese to English
  • User interface for inspection machine: Japanese to English
  • Data analysis solution for Cloud - White paper/manual: English to Japanese
  • Visual inspection for tape and reel machine: Japanese to English
  • Online manual for Amazon Web Services: English to Japanese
  • "Data Center Migration to the Cloud" White Paper: English to Japanese
  • Intel white paper "AI for Hardware Failure Predictions and Resource": English to Japanese
  • Instruction Manual for Microsoft SQL Server: English to Japanese
  • User manual for visual inspection tape and reel machine: Japanese to English
  • User manual for current probe: Crosscheck & Proofreading
  • Data sheet for automotive image recognition processor : Japanese to English  

Our Strengths

[ 1 ] Technical Correctness

Our team members are experts in the semiconductor and IT industries. They have worked at high-tech companies as engineers, technical writers, translators, proofreaders, and editors. We can provide technically-precise translations.


[ 2 ] Readability

We can provide readable technical documents that take into accunt both the document types and the needs and technical backgrounds of the intended readers. To ensure readability and style consistency, we define our own writing style guidelines. Translators and editors follow the guidelines.


[ 3 ] Natural English and Japanese

For Japanese to English translation, we assign native English translators and editors. Similarly, for English to Japanese translation, native Japanese translators are in charge.


Procedure & Environment


■Work Environment - CAT Team Project

Company Information

■Nature of services: Technical English services 

Operated by: Communicatable LLC

Representative: Mitsuyo Inomata

Address: Mihanayama Bldg. 3F, 1-30 Mihanayama, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, Japan

 Business hours: 9:00 to 18:00 JST

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